Devin has been an active member of a CrossFit Box since 2011. He is Level 1 Certified and obtained his US Olympic Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach certification in 2015. When he's not dying in a WOD, he's most likely hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, or yoga-ing.


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Alec has been doing CrossFit on and off since 2010. He has a B.S. degree in Risk Management and Insurance from Butler University. When not working or in the gym, he's usually hanging out with his dog and/or going to the beach.


Bryan has been a member of CrossFit Gaspar since 2015 and has loved every aspect of the gym, especially the community. He received his Level 1 certification in 2018 and has been coaching since. When not at the box, you can find him exploring the outdoors, kayaking, hiking, you name it!


Seeking a new fitness challenge, Bernice began Crossfit at Gaspar in 2014. She’s been hooked ever since and has enjoyed being part of a great “fitfam”.  When not WODing, Bernice is a cardio junkie and enjoys running, teaching cycling and chasing her toddler Izzy. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Anthropology at USF.



Sashy has a strong educational background in fitness with Certifications from the USAW in Olympic Weightlifting, the NCCPT in Personal Training, CrossFit Level 1, and coursework in Nutrition Science. She found her love for CrossFit in 2011. You can often find her with her girls Callen & Elodie at the box!


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Jordan started CrossFit in 2015 and has been hooked ever since. His background in baseball gives him a love for competition, as he has competed in several competitions. Jordan graduated from Syracuse University in 2016 with a degree in Education and is a History teacher at Chamberlain High School in Tampa. His love of teaching others has transferred into his love of helping others reach their fitness goals through CrossFit.






Diana, our box manager, has been doing CrossFit since 2016. She has competed in local competitions and races and loves anything that involves the outdoors. You can often catch her at the box with her son Damien!