Welcome to our blog.  Here you will find the daily wods and the Krewe's Kitchen.  Exercise is vitally important to living a healthy lifestyle.  That is one of the reasons we started CrossFit Gaspar and why we are so passionate about staying active. Do just a little bit of research and you will quickly see that your diet is the foundation to healthy living. While we all love our metcons, lifts, and everything else CrossFit; achieving and maintaining your health goals begin and end in the kitchen.

Here we will post not only what our exercise program but also tips on a healthy diet program

WODs Week of 6/26

Monday: Focus: 10 Minute EMOM 2 full cleans as heavy as possible *choose working weight and keep weight the same for all sets Metcon: Nasty Girls 3 RFT 50 squats 7 muscle ups or 14 chest to bar or 14 pull-ups 10 hang power cleans 135/95 Tuesday: Focus: Final week- find new 1 RM Deadlift!! Metcon: 5 RFT 30 SEC rest in between each round 10 hollow rocks 10 v ups 10 back extensions 10 suitcase sit-ups 30 SEC REST -THEN- 1 MILE RUN (OR 2000M ROW) Wednesday: Focus: 6 sets start @50% building each set 1 Strict press 1 Push press 1 Push jerk Metcon: 12 minute AMRAP 1 prowler push 15 toes to bar 30 double unders Thursday: Focus: Back Squats 5x5 pause Squats (2 second pause at the bottom) @ 65%-75% M

WODs Week of 6/12

Monday: Focus: Overhead Squats 4x4 building to 65% of Full Snatch -then- 12 Minute EMOM 1 Full Snatch (building each set) Metcon: 21-15-9 Kettlebell Snatches 55/35 Toes 2 Bar Tuesday: Focus: -Power shrugs (work up to 75% of deadlift): 2x5 -then- -Deadlift (97.5%) build to 97.5% of 1 RM then 1x1 (should be up about 5 pounds from last week) Metcon: 5 rounds for reps of: 1 minute of rowing 1 minute sumo deadlift high pulls 95/75 1 minute of push presses 95/75 1 minute of rest Wednesday: Focus: Front Squat 5x4 at 85-90% of Full Clean 1 RM Metcon: Adding one rep each minute (starting with 1 wall ball, then 2 burpees, 3 wall balls, 4 burpees…) Odd Minutes: Wall Balls (1,3,5,7, etc...) Even Minutes

WODs Week of 6/5

Monday: Focus: Push Press 5,5,3,3,2 starting at 50% and building each set Metcon: 7 rounds for time of: 21 Shoulder/strict presses, 75/55 21 back extensions Tuesday: Focus: Deadlift (95%): building to a heavy 2 (4,4.3,3, 2, 2) -then- 1x2 at 95% -then- dropset and do: 3x3 of Speed deadlift @ 70% Metcon: “Mary” Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of: 5 Handstand push-ups 10 1-legged squats 15 Pull Ups Wednesday: Focus: Back Squat 5x4 at 90% -then- drop set to 50% and do max reps for last set Metcon: 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders Wall Balls Thursday: Warm Up: 200 M Medball Run, Kareoke, High Knees, Butt kicks, Leg Swings, Good Mornings, quad pulls Focus: Sprints 10 minute EMOM 100 M

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