Welcome to our blog.  Here you will find the daily wods and the Krewe's Kitchen.  Exercise is vitally important to living a healthy lifestyle.  That is one of the reasons we started CrossFit Gaspar and why we are so passionate about staying active. Do just a little bit of research and you will quickly see that your diet is the foundation to healthy living. While we all love our metcons, lifts, and everything else CrossFit; achieving and maintaining your health goals begin and end in the kitchen.

Here we will post not only what our exercise program but also tips on a healthy diet program

Cost Effective Start To Your Day

The most common concern I hear about about eating healthy is cost and time commitment. These factors can be mitigated if you plan ahead. Meal prepping for 2-3 days will help save you time and money. Here is a quick and easy way to have a healthy start to your day at a low cost. Pre Made Oatmeal: Equal parts of oats and liquids example1/2 cup of oats +1/2 cup almond milk, cows milk, or water. Personal preference Place in fridge overnight Remove jar lid & heat up in the microwave for 45 to 90 seconds until at desired heat Add organic honey and/or organic vanilla extract In total this breakfast takes about 2 - 3 minutes to prepare and cost less than a $2 per meal.

WOD for 7/6/18

Friday Focus: From the rack. Back rack lunges 4 each side. 5x8 building each set Metcon: 12 Minute AMRAP Run 200 30 sit-ups 20 Russian kettle bell swings 10 back extensions 5 hollow rocks Buy Out: 30 Second Hold L-Sit, 30 Seconds Rest x 6 Rounds

WOD for 7/5/18

Thursday Focus: Heavy Snatches for 25 minutes (max if feel experienced) . Metcon: 5 RFT 10 Push Press (135/95), Max Toes to Bar in 60 Seconds; Rest 60 Seconds, Score is total # of T2B.

WOD for 7/3/18

Tuesday Focus: 5 Minute EMOM 2 Muscle Ups or 5 Ring Dips Then 5 Minutes EMOM Handstand walks, hs push-ups or Hs Holds as far/as many/ as long as possible Metcon: In Teams of 2.. 25 Minute AMRAP: Row 300, 10 clean & jerk (135 / 95), 10 Muscle Ups, 50 Double Unders *Scaled 95/65 clean and jerk and pull ups or chest to bar instead of muscle ups and 150 single unders

WOD for 7/2/18

Monday Focus: 5x2 Power clean @ 75-85% then 1 full clean at 90-95% Metcon: 3 Rft Run 400, 30 Wallballs, 30 DB or KB Snatch (55/35)

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