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Holiday WODs Week of 12-25-17

Week 5 of our current Program





Strength: E2MOM for 5 rounds Complete complex, increase weight each set 1 Power snatch from power position + 1 Power snatch from hang position (just above the knee) + 1 Squat snatch from the floor, all unbroken

Immediately following last complex, load bar to 85% of 1RM snatch and complete as many reps as possible without resting (though does not have to be touch and go)

In class accessory: 6 min alternating EMOM 8 hand release pushups 10 strict pull ups, sx: banded strict pull ups

Metcon: 12 min AMRAP 200 m run 20 wall balls 14 KB swings 53/35


Strength: 13 mins to establish a 1RM bench press

7 min EMOM 3 clean and jerks (Increase weight each set)

Metcon: For time 12 front rack alternating lunges 95/65 40 double unders/60 single unders 14 front rack alt lunges 35 double unders/50 single unders 16 front rack alt lunges 30 double unders/40 single unders 18 front rack alt lunges 25 double unders/30 single unders 20 front rack alt lunges 20 double unders/20 single unders


Strength: (Take no more than 15 mins) 4x5 Push Press Increase weight each set

Immediately after last set, remove 10-20 lbs and do max effort set, then remove another 10-20 lbs and do max effort set

In class accessory: 9 min alternating EMOM Min 1: 30 sec hollow body rock Min 2: 30 Russian twists holding plate 25/15 Min 3: 30 mountain climbers

Metcon: 3 rounds for time -10 burpees to jumping pull ups, sx burpees and jump to a target -15 med ball slams 20/14 -20 alternating KB snatches 53/35, rx+ 70/53


Strength: 8x3 Deadlift @ 85% 1RM

Partner WOD: Teams of 2 (1 person working at a time) Complete the following for time -100 air squats -50 power cleans 95/55, rx+ 135/85 -400 m run (run together) -100 body weight lunges -50 push press 95/55, rx+ 135/85 -400 m run (run together) -100 abmat sit-ups -50 snatches (power or full) 95/55, rx+ 135/85 -400 m run (run together) -100 cal row -50 toes to bar -400 m run (run together)

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