“Organically Changing Your Diet”

I could write for days on the benefits of buying organic foods, This is a highly debated topic among many people with so many opinions floating all over the internet. Why should we buy organic? The process for growing organic foods is better on our environment and our body. Organic farming is designed to grow food in a way that creates less pollution, improve quality of soil and water, conserve biodiversity, restrict the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides, and raise animals in a natural manner. So what is a non organic farm allowed to do when growing foods? I find this to be the most alarming:

  • Use sewage sludge as fertilizer

  • Use antibiotics and growth hormones on the animals

  • Use synthetic fertilizer that is harmful for our environment

  • Use of GMO’s (I will write about this in a future post)

The biggest issue most people have with moving to organic is the cost. I am not here to tell people what they can and cannot afford. This is a personal decision and everyone prioritizes their money as they see is best for them. If you would like to make some changes here are some tips:

  • When buying fruits and veggies focus on buying organic when you eat the skin. Foods like bananas, lemons, oranges and spaghetti squash are okay to buy conventional. Here is a link to those items you should prioritize and why..called the “Dirty Dozen” http://www.cookinglight.com/food/in-season/dirty-dozen .

  • Buy in bulk and freeze meats. I personally like Costco due to prices but many stores are now offering organic meats and have good prices when you buy bulk.

  • Look for “USDA Organic”. This could be a whole other post but beware if the food is organically grown in other countries. Not all countries have the same standards.

  • Do not forget about what you drink. Coffee is the 3rd most sprayed crop as far as the number of pesticides used to grow it behind tobacco and cotton. Roasting does degrade the pesticide residue significantly but if you drink 3 plus cups a day switching to organic will significantly reduce the artificial chemicals you are ingesting.

I will leave you all with this. For those that point out no direct research shows concrete evidence that buying organic is beneficial remember the first cigarette was produced in 1865 and it took 99 years for the Surgeon General to put an official warning label on a pack in 1964. It takes time to make hard medical claims but I find that there is enough information available for me to make the switch for myself and my family. Hopefully this information and these tips help you all organically change up your approach to eating.

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