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Post WOD Feeding

How much thought have you put into what you eat when you finish a work out? In reality It is a key factor to eat 20-30 minutes after a work out. During an intense workout your body burns stored fuels and proteins in your muscles are broken down. At a basic level your post workout diet needs to support refueling your body, rehydrate, muscle recovery, build muscle, and support improved performance.

If you are doing very specialized training you may want to do further research to create a post workout diet plan for your targeted needs but in general here are 10 post wod tips that will allow your diet to help help you maximize your daily WOD:

Get your needed protein. A guideline is to consumer about .15 - .25 grams of protein per pound of your body weight. So if you are a 150 lbs consume around 25-30 grams.

Grab some clean carbs. Your body needs to restore the glycogen burned which carbs will help restore. Focus on whole food carbs. Studies show clean carbs are better tolerated, restores at a better rate, and leads to improved performance the following day.

Fats are not bad but should not be the focus. While fats will slow the absorption process that is not bad. Having some fats will allow for a more gradual consumption of the nutrients.

Consume quickly! Have your post WOD meal ready to go since your body will best respond if you can consume within 20-30 minutes after your workout.

Keep it clean. As stated your body is broken down and craving replenishing nutrients so focus on whole foods so your body properly refuels.

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